Jonathan Raisin – solo piano

private view-s.h.A new project, a long-time in the making, from composer/pianist Jonathan Raisin.

the music

A solo piano set- composed pieces and free improvisation, melodic and heartfelt.

Alone with the piano, performing a set of original music that brings together through composed pieces and open improvisations, informed by the language of minimalism, film music and an improvising sensibility that (hopefully) nods towards Keith Jarrett and Abdullah Ibrahim.

“After years of working as musician, composer, writer, promoter and project designer, this is a return to first love. Some of the material is fresh minted, improvised or written, some has been sitting at the piano, under the fingers, for a decade, looking for the right place and time to take centre stage.”


The music at points sounds like a cross between a discordant version of Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ and the fractured score from cult 1960s film ‘Peeping Tom’. Raisin is an excellent piano player, deviating from a chord progression or riff into more atonal material then back again with consummate ease.
Nerve Magazine

… all the bewitchment of the sea, a mermaid’s dangerous lullaby that calls you to walk out of your depth into the waves.
The Guardian


The Gig

technical – ideally the venue should have an acoustic piano or high quality electric piano. Other options can be discussed.

booking – contact Jonathan to talk fees and availability

Jonathan Raisin
mobile – 07906 391134
email –